In this business you never know what a new year will bring, but this year is dramatically different from previous years. Many businesses suffer because of Covid-19. The repercussions of all this suffering will be felt far and wide. I can only hope that this pandemic will pass so that we can pick ourselves up and carry on. Our garden is now the only place where I can continue to enjoy a little slice of nature. Flowers still bloom, birds still sing and the sun will shine for us all to enjoy. When this is all over I will pick up my cameras again and venture out into the wider world. Perhaps the world will have changed, perhaps I will need to change some of my habits and expectations, but my passion for photography will remain the same. I hope your passion will nurture and sustain your business and/or hobby so that we can start making plans again when this chapter closes.

I visited Birr Castle just before the end of 2019. I played around with my camera while my Botanical Artist partner, who has been invited to submit a painting/drawing for the upcoming Art in the Garden exhibition in Birr Castle, was studying her subject matter with sketchpad and pencil.

Montréal 2019


Exhibitions and workshops

For a rainy day

Phone pic of some Photographic magic in Airfield, The Overends cafe.