OPW stand at Bloom with 6 meter wide print of the double border in Kilmacurragh.

Gardeners World add with Monty Don and Jimi Blake

My commercial career started in the offshore industry in Holland (with Mobil Oil, Elf Aquitaine, Siemens and others), but on moving to Ireland I shifted my focus to garden and architectural photography. My clients include:

·       Jimi Blake, Huntingbrook Garden

·       Kristin Jameson, Tourin House and Gardens

·       OPW – National Botanic Gardens: Kilmacurragh and JFK Arboretum

·       Blarney Castle Gardens

·       Knockrose Garden

·       Flower Your Place

·       Merrion Contracting

·       O’Toole Architects

As well as commercial photography I carry out my artistic practice with the Grid Collective, with whom I’ve exhibited in various locations in Ireland. I use digital manipulation to change many elements of an image so that it becomes the realisation of idea or vision; in the process that follows, visions, ideas and concepts remain interchangeable and fluid until the ‘right’ mix of visual inputs coalesce to form the final image

I provide workshops and talks where I share my experience and knowledge; I explain basic concepts but also how to visualise and compose images.  I emphasise that developing and practising good routines enables the photographer to concentrate on their creativity. I have given workshops in Tourin House and Gardens, June Blake’s garden, Hunting Brook, Knockrose Garden, Mount Usher and the National Botanic Gardens.