My commercial photography career started in the Dutch offshore industry when I photographed rigs, ships and factories. My business expanded to include architecture and portraiture for book publishers in the latter part of my career in Holland.

In Ireland I turned my focus to gardens and architecture. I traveled across the country to photograph some of Ireland’s iconic houses, gardens and architecture projects. I have been commissioned to produce images for websites, brochures, leaflets, magazines and books.

I am available for commissions, workshops and talks. I have given workshops in Tourin House & Gardens, Hunting Brook garden, June Blake’s garden, Knockrose Garden, Mt. Usher and The National Botanic Gardens. Please email me: Contact


Photographic magic is a newly coined term which encapsulates the way I produce works of art. Digital techniques enable me to create imagined scenes. In the process that follows I add, change, copy, remove, and distort elements, using cameras, scanner, pen tablet, film, felt tip pens, paint, old photos and occasional bits of hardware, and a host of Photoshop tools. Ideas and images remain interchangeable and fluid until I reach the point where the ‘right’ mix of visual information has been established.