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My commercial photography career started in the Dutch offshore industry when I photographed rigs, ships and factories. My business expanded to include architecture and portraiture for book publishers in the latter part of my career in Holland. You can see some examples of past projects in the miscellaneous gallery.

In Ireland I turned my focus to gardens, landscape and architecture. I traveled across the country to photograph some of Ireland’s iconic houses, gardens and architecture projects. I have been commissioned to produce images for websites, brochures, leaflets, magazines and books. The photographic magic gallery contains computer generated images. The creative process starts with a digital, or an analogue image. In the following phase I transform the image with the help of photographic software to create imagined situations and/or landscapes.

I am available for commissions, workshops and talks. I have given workshops and talks in Tourin House & Gardens, Hunting Brook garden, June Blake’s garden, Knockrose Garden, Mt. Usher and The National Botanic Gardens. Please email me: Contact

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