Poster me

Following my training in Holland I started my photography career in the offshore industry. In the past I worked for Mobil, Elf Aquitaine, Siemens and various other businesses. Since moving to Ireland I have continued to work as a freelance photographer and found a new challenge in photographing gardens.

I plan my shoots carefully by studying and sketching the main features of a project, the surrounding geography and the angles of the sun at sunrise and sunset. On the eve of a garden shoot I choose my vantage points, camera setup, lenses and any filters. Recent clients include: Jimi Blake (Hunting Brook Garden); Kristin Jameson (Tourin House & Gardens); Sean McArdle (Ballyteige Lodge); O’Toole Architects (Mount Anville Secondary School); Merrion Contracting (Trinity College). Kilmacurragh Botanic Gardens.

In my workshops and talks I share my experience and knowledge; I explain basic concepts but also how to visualise and compose images.  I emphasise that developing and practising good routines enables the photographer to concentrate on their creativity. I have given workshops in June Blake’s garden, Hunting Brook Garden, Mt Usher, the National Botanic Gardens and Tourin House & Gardens.

Lately I have been busy developing an extra dimension to my photography by joining The Grid Collective, a multi-disciplinary group of professional artists whose primary purpose is to harness the creativity of the mature professional artist and to promote their representation in contemporary, mainstream art.