Because of Covid-19 my garden photography business has been in state of suspended animation since March. Early Spring normally means I would be gearing up to capture that special morning light at dawn in some garden, but all the familiar beauty spots and gardens had been forced to keep their gates closed for months. It seems however that we are on track to emerge from this pandemic, too late to make up for lost time unfortunately, but hopefully next Spring will be better. Luckily I was able to keep shooting, thanks to the many beautiful flowers in our own suburban garden and an unexpected commission.

A positive side effect of the lockdown was that it gave me time to revisit my interest in more abstract technical matters. The zone system, developed by Ansel Adams, was something I always wanted to incorporate into my practice. By using the zone system I revived my interest in carefully measuring the light that is so fundamental to all photography. The reliance on camera technology to solve an equation in terms of exposure never satisfied my desire for accuracy and the zone system provides just that. I am about to restart my workshops during which I may even be able to share my experience with the zone system with other keen photographers, so keep an eye on my website and/or Instagram account. (Instagram button below)

In the ‘Workshop’ section you can find details of the workshop in Glendalough. Maybe this is a nice opportunity to spend some time in a beautiful location with like minded enthusiast photographers and learn some new skills.

Ipheion ‘Alberto castillo’

A concise portfolio of my work is now also available on

Exhibitions and workshops

On the 24th of September I will be hosting a photography workshop together with Tearmann-Wellness in Glendalough. Below is the text as advertised by Tearmann-Wellness on

This is a special opportunity to engage with the accredited photographer, Bernard van Giessen where you will be shown the fundamentals of how to frame and capture a photograph that you will be proud to display/publish anywhere.
You will be inspired by Bernard’s gentle approach as you walk the tracks and trails of Glendalough. During this beautiful month of September, who knows what you might capture! This event costs €65 per person and is limited to a maximum of 8 people.
Bernard will begin this event at the Visitor Center in Glendalough at 10:30 Prompt, so you are advised to be there at least 15 minutes before the time to be prepared.

To book this workshop or for information: call 087 989 2939 or send me an email: CONTACT