Blarney Castle and Gardens, The Seven Sisters

Several images of Blarney Castle have been incorporated in the signage around the Castle. Adam Whitbourn and his team have created something very special. Their gardens and the Arboretum are among the best in Ireland and a ‘must see’ if you are a garden afficionado and if you love trees. Plan a visit this Spring/Summer. Worth every penny!

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Workshops and publications

The Irish Garden Magazine recently published an article about Peter Stam’s Bamboo nursery. All the photographs in the article were taken by me over a number of years. I am delighted on Peter’s behalf that his nursery has been given due credit and it’s great to see my work published.

A book about Hunting Brook, written by Jimi Blake and Noel Kingsbury, will soon be ready to go to print. Final preparations are ongoing. Publication by Filbert Press is scheduled for September 2019.

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